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    In Geelong and nearby areas like Corio, Surf Coast, Werribee, and Point Cook, soil erosion has become one of the most common problems of both home and business owners. When left unresolved, you may end up facing costly damages, destroying the overall look and value of your property. A properly-designed and built retaining wall protects your entire property as well as nearby structures from flooding, surface runoff, and much more.

    We offer a comprehensive range of services for all types of retaining walls – stone, concrete, and gabion.


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    Geelong Retaining Wall Specialists specialises in designing and building retaining walls for both residential and commercial properties.

    For years, we have done countless projects, providing retaining walls for different outdoor settings – pools, patios, gardens, and every area where soil erosion is eminent. Additionally, we have included the following services:


    Garden Design


    Concrete work


    Driveways, slabs and footpaths


    Rock Walls



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    Advantages of Retaining Walls

    More than just preventing soil erosion and runoff, there are a lot more benefits that retaining walls bring you. Definitely, it isn’t just about aesthetics as what many people thought it is. Here are just among them:

    • Protect your property and your neighbours’ structures – if your property is built at a higher ground, chances are, you have to prevent the soil from eroding to structures below you. Or it could be vice versa. Either way, when there is a potential threat of soil falling off or collapsing, a retaining wall can help prevent the potential, costly damages.
    • Utilise irregular contours and slopes – just when you thought your property’s irregularly shaped lot or sloppy edges is unusable, a retaining wall can do the trick. You can still achieve your dream landscape, or you can even have the garden you have always wanted. Retaining walls allow you to utilise areas you thought is impossible.
    • Eliminate tedious yard maintenance – soil erosion does not only ruin the structure, but also the view. Seeing accumulating soil falling off from higher grounds is undeniably an unpleasant sight. With retaining walls, you can avoid such, eliminating the hassles of having to clean it up regularly while maintaining cleanliness of the surroundings.
    • Increase the overall value of the property – whether you decide to sell your property in the future or keep it, having a retaining wall makes a good investment. Not only will it help you attract buyers easily, it may also give you higher returns. Retaining walls save future owners from costly potential damages that soil erosion can bring.
    Concrete Blocks

    Types of Retaining Walls


    Gravity Retaining Walls

    • Utilises its weight to prevent the soil from being washed away
    • A more practical option if you need a 3-meter retaining wall
    • Can be built in different height with thicker base and oftentimes with a trench or a concrete footer as an extra support.
    • Heavier and stronger materials like concrete, stone, or brick are more preferred for taller retaining walls. For shorter ones, timber makes the best choice.
    • Hiring a structural engineer is a must if you are building a retaining wall taller than 1 metre or 600 mm in some areas.
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    Geelong Retaining Walls Specialist

    Anchored Retaining Walls

    • Installation must be done by professionals as it uses cables to connect and secure the top and the bottom parts into the ground using a pressurised concrete.
    • Different types of materials can be used – stone, concrete, or timber.
    • May not be the best option in terms of cost, but way better than gravity retaining wall especially when thinner walls are needed.

    Sheet Pile Retaining Walls

    • The best choice for properties with softer soil and limited space yet requires retaining walls that won’t compromise the nearby properties and structures.
    • Often used in combination with an anchored wall to boost its support, especially when retaining walls need to be really tall.
    • While sheet pile is usually made from steel sheets, others materials like vinyl or heavy timber may also be used. It depends, however, on your property’s requirements.
    • Can be a DIY project if you have the experience, equipment, and skills to get it done.
    • Also uses cables to secure the anchor and wall, and at least two thirds of the sheet piling is above the ground, and about one third below.
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    Geelong Cantilever Retaining Walls

    Cantilever Retaining Walls

    • Commonly used in properties and areas, which require greater support but less common in residential lots and spaces.
    • Can be built as high as 10 metres, but often combined with a brick or concrete retaining wall
    • Uses reinforced steel or concrete for its support system – L or T shaped footing embedded into the ground, which is why it is also called as reinforced retaining wall.
    Geelong Block and Brick Retaining Walls
    Geelong Poured Concrete
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    Poured Concrete

    Types of Retaining Wall Materials



    – perhaps the cheapest material to use for the retaining wall. The only drawback of using it, however, is the fact that it could only last for 10 years or a maximum of 20 years. With constant exposure to outdoor elements and harsh weather conditions, you might have to replace it more often.


    Concrete Blocks

    – the easiest material to install, and often the choice of people who prefer to build their retaining walls on their own. Moreover, it is a cheaper option compared to other materials but can compete when it comes to durability and strength. Combined with proper installation and technique, retaining walls made with concrete blocks can last for many, many years.


    Poured Concrete

    – if you are looking for durability, strength, and aesthetics in one, this material has it all. It allows you to impose designs and patterns on its surfaces through stamping or staining; giving it a more unique and pleasing look. Compared to concrete blocks, it is way stronger and more durable.



    – considered as the best and the sturdiest material for retaining walls compared to the other materials available today. It is either made from stone, brick block, or concrete. It can withstand the varying weather conditions and other outdoor elements, but can be a bit expensive. Additionally, it can be very challenging to maintain and repair.

    Block and Brick Retaining Walls

    Other Options for Retaining Wall Styles and Designs


    Nature Stone Walls

    – aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and stylish; this type of retaining wall is available in different colours, shapes, and sizes of rock and mortar. When installed properly, it can last for many decades and even longer than the lifespan of a house.


    Block and Brick Retaining Walls

    – unquestionably sturdy, especially when designed and installed properly with a reliable footing and efficient drainage system. The structure can last for a very long time with proper maintenance.


    Gabion Retaining Walls

    – if you are looking for a perfect style of retaining wall for your pretty landscape, this is what you need. It perfectly complements with other materials like river pebbles, granite, sandstone, cobblestone, and blue stone to achieve that natural rustic look.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the frequently asked questions from our clients, and the answers will help you make a suitable choice. 

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    Do I a building permit or a planning permission to have my retaining wall built in Geelong, Victoria?

    If you live in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, and your property needs to have a retaining wall to protect it or the nearby structures from soil erosion, you have to secure a building contract, a building permit, plus the fidelity fund insurance. This is, however, depending on the height of the retaining wall you are going to build.

    If you are going to build taller than 100cm, you may have to secure a council permission. Also, you may be required to have it done by a professional retaining wall builder. Other factors that determine whether you need to secure a permit include the proximity of the retaining wall to the other structures or the boundaries, and the amount of work required to build it.

    Is DIY retaining wall a good idea?

    Retaining wall can be a DIY project provided you have the skills, experience, and the right equipment to do it. Most importantly, as long as the retaining wall you are building is not taller than the standard height set by the council and that the soil erosion you are preventing is not that severe, you are good to go.

    How much is it to build a retaining wall in Geelong, Victoria?

    The overall cost of building a retaining wall in Geelong, Victoria depends in so many factors. This includes the height, size, materials, design and style, the labour needed including the draining system and excavation.

    Should the law require you to hire a professional retaining wall builder or a structural engineer, you should also take into account their fees and for securing necessary permits. Typically, the contractor’s rate is at $55 per hour. For retaining walls that utilise reinforced concrete block, the usual labour and material cost is between $450 and $750 per square meter.

    What is the best material for building retaining wall?

    If you are looking for a material for your retaining wall that offers everything – aesthetics, durability, and strength, then the poured concrete is the one you are looking for. This material is highly customisable which means you can easily form it or carve it for a more unique look and feel. It can resemble mortared stone if you wish to.

    There are many other options for retaining wall materials that may work well based on your preferred design, style, function, and budget.

    With Geelong Retaining Wall Specialists, we guarantee honest, ethical and upfront estimates on all jobs from the start, and ensure no hidden costs further down the track.

    Geelongs Concrete & Retaining Walls  Experts

    Geelong Retaining Wall Specialists is your one-stop service provider when it comes to retaining wall installation or repair in Geelong, Victoria, and nearby areas. We have built countless retaining walls in both residential and commercial properties, saving homes, buildings, and beautiful landscapes from the damages brought about by soil erosion. Does your property need a retaining wall? Get a free quote today and get started right away!